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Performance Anxiety

This is Sports Psychology 101, folks. The Chicago Bears are stocked with the finest talent at key positions and the highest paid player in the league at quarterback. Their global search for the perfect general manager and head coach resulted in a resounding chorus of Kumbaya. Media reporters who dare to challenge the mediocrity of on-the-field performance are condescendingly informed that everything is fine. Practices are focused. Game plans are studied. Locker room morale is high. The team is prepared. So why do they wet the bed at game time?

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The Anonymity of Performance

Whether assisting with financial, legal, or healthcare concerns, professional service firms tend to look the same from the outside. You hire a specialist who represents an organization you trust. You place delicate matters in his or her hands and hope for a better future. Behind the scenes, your trusted representative is powered by an anonymous team of talented partners who manage the operations. Who are these essential teammates and how do we measure their performance?

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The Four Teams Everyone Experiences

Take a look back through your work history and evaluate the various teams you’ve joined. Everyone has experienced at least one of the following situations:

“We just knocked it out of the park! How do we elevate our team to the next level?”
“Wow! Everything is changing! Can we slow down for a while and get our bearings?”
“We really under-performed this year but it’s hard to know what to fix to make this better.”
“This is the most dysfunctional group I’ve ever seen. This is toxic!”

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Going Undiagosed

Three years was enough. The pain had simply become unbearable. The symptoms could no longer be ignored. It was time to get a proper diagnosis and consider treatment options. Ever since the economy bottomed out, the team had been spiraling toward its demise. Organizational morale was at an all-time low. Top talent was jumping ship. Yet, their competitors had already recovered. Perhaps it wasn’t the economy…

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Imagine the Power of a Snapshot

What if any team could take a snapshot of their health and effectiveness at any time? Consider a world where everyone took responsibility for their individual contribution to the team’s collective goals. Imagine the impact of such performance accountability on a team’s growth and development.

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