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About the Center for Team Excellence

Team Clock® transforms teams, impacting company culture and morale. By identifying and addressing the obstacles interfering with performance, teams can spend more time focusing on their work and less time on the politics of their workplace. Team Clock gives teams the tools they need to adapt to change and repair themselves for the lifespan of the entity.

Our Vision

To be the recognized leader in building world-class teams and organizations.

Our Mission

To make the world a better place, one team at a time.

Our Values

  • Investment: We provide a simple path to healthy, thriving teams and organizations.
  • Trust: We anchor all interactions in collaboration and accountability.
  • Innovation: We leverage a battle-tested, data-driven methodology and framework for building and sustaining healthy teams.
  • Adaptability: We empower healthy, effective management of change at every stage of a team’s evolution.

Meet the Founders

Steve Ritter

Founder and CEO – Steve’s unique blend of training and experience in the worlds of human resources, organizational development, and clinical psychology inspired the creation of the Team Clock® methodology, an approach that merges the professional and clinical ...

Mawi Asgedom

Co-Founder – Mawi is the president of Mawi Learning, Inc. and partnered in founding the Team Clock Institute in 2010. The author of six bestselling books, Mawi speaks to inspired audiences internationally. For over a decade, ...
Meet the Rest of our Team