Team Clock® transforms teams, impacting company culture and morale. By identifying and addressing the obstacles interfering with performance, teams can spend more time focusing on their work and less time on the politics of their workplace. Team Clock gives teams the tools they need to adapt to change and repair themselves for the lifespan of the entity.

The 4 Stages of a Team

Running a successful business involves people, processes and products. This book is about the people – written to support teams of people for sustained success. The Team Clock® method has been endorsed by internationally recognized leaders in sports, consumer products, professional services, education and healthcare seeking to improve business results and the wellness of their organizations. The 2009 publication of Team Clock: A Guide to Breakthrough Teams introduced a model for effective teaming. That book was the “why.” A decade later, this book is the “how.”

Team Clock: A Guide to Breakthrough Teams

Steve Ritter explains the Team Clock® methodology in a concise and powerful approach. Readers learn how to manage the four stages of team development and gain clear, actionable strategies for creating breakthrough results. Interesting and exciting examples are used to aid in clarity and understanding of the methodology.

Book cover for Steve Ritter's Team Clock: A Guide to Breakthrough Teams book
Book cover for Steve Ritter's Useful Pain book

Useful Pain: Why Your Relationship Needs Struggle

What if everyone was accountable for their contribution to the health and wellness of every relationship they joined? Consider the consequence of more lasting friendships, more loving marriages, more satisfying affection, more productive problem solving, and more resilient adaptation to change.

Interpersonal Assessment Action Workbook

As a package of resources, The Team Clock® Interpersonal Assessment provides a book, Useful Pain: Why Your Relationships Need Struggle, to teach the fundamentals of strong connections, a Card Sort to measure the health of your relationship, and an Action Workbook to help steer the conversations that will strengthen your connection. Together, the book, card sort, and action workbook will provide the tools you need to understand your relationships, evaluate their wellness, and move these connections forward.

Photo of the Team Clock Interpersonal Assessment Action Workbook book cover