Assess Ten Strengths

Before inspiring your team with tomorrow’s vision, perform a quick assessment. After all, an expensive strategic planning exercise wastes time and talent when the health of the team can’t support the action plan. Before you look too far ahead, measure ten simple areas of team effectiveness.

Moving teams forward requires a baseline of organizational wellness. Otherwise, valuable energy is spent navigating interpersonal and political urgencies rather than digging in to the tasks at hand. A simple assessment of team health illuminates a path to baseline wellness. In order for time and talent to be well spent, a solid foundation of effective teaming must be in place. This platform is anchored by ten essential strengths.

Use a simple Likert scale to rate each domain from 1-5 with 5 representing organizational health:

  1. Establish consistent team norms
  2. Secure alignment with organizational mission
  3. Practice constructive conflict
  4. Create a connection-friendly workplace
  5. Exercise respect in all interactions
  6. Commit to unwavering accountability
  7. Grant permission to take risks
  8. Embrace differences to fuel innovation
  9. Manage change with maturity
  10. Discover new opportunities

Scoring: total the ratings in each of the ten domains
35-50: You have a healthy team – forge ahead!
25-35: Address areas of vulnerability before investing time and talent.
10-25: You have a broken team – craft a plan to get well.

Of course, this measurement is too general to inform what actions best support your team’s health. A diagnosis, by itself, does not tell you what to do to elevate a strength or mitigate a weakness. It is, however, the right starting point.