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Are Some Teams Too Broken to be Fixed?

When the toxic element of a team devolves to a mutiny, the chance of repairing a broken culture is slim. Intractable positions only end in standoffs. Of all the reasons teams become stuck, this is the least healthy. The bulk of the team’s energy is consumed in reacting to its demise. At this stage, choices are limited. You can stay stuck or move forward.

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The Gift of Team Clock

This is the time of year when businesses are looking for creative ways to thank their most loyal clients for their patronage. While a fruit basket aptly sends a message of gratitude, it falls short of communicating an investment in continued partnership. A few imaginative companies have taken a less conventional path to say thanks. Might this approach fit your customer relations strategy?

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Why I Want to Work for You

The five consecutive top workplace awards provided the first clue. The first thirty seconds inside the carefully designed workspace off the beaten path in the City of Duluth, however, provided the confirming evidence. You can sense the culture of an organization when you enter its space. It’s in the air before the first employee greets you with eye contact and a smile. Walk a little further into the building and you’ll find that the most valuable square footage overlooking Lake Superior is not reserved for the Managing Partner of the firm and his leadership team – it is devoted to the rank and file and their customers. The first impression was only the beginning.

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Healthy or Sick?

Try to make an apples-to-apples comparison between diverse teams across a spectrum of industries. Start with the common features that make organizations thrive. Rate each attribute on a scale from healthy to sick. So, what should you measure?

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Workplace Bullies and Their Cost

Although the 20% “actively disengaged” statistic may not apply to your workplace, chances are you have dysfunctional elements lurking on your team. Most organizations do. It is the nature of being human that negative attitudes, broken personalities, and poor coping skills creep from families into the job site. Usually, it’s subtle and insidious. Businesses are being robbed.

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