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It’s Easier Not To

Someone said or did something that hurt your feelings. Should you say something? It’s easier not to. Your most trusted teammate wasn’t listening when you took the risk to expose your emotions. Do you let him know it made you feel like a low priority? It’s easier not to.

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The Mindfulness Recipe

A meditative lifestyle practiced for centuries has suddenly become the hot mantra in workplace wellness. Mindfulness is the new remedy for chronic career stress. It’s simple – when the pressure of your job grows too intense, invite a deep breath to be the pathway to awareness of the sights, sounds, and smells of your surroundings. All is now well, right?

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Mr. Toxic

“But, he’s our top performer.” Many teams are graced by the dilemma of managing the coworker who leads the pack in business performance but poisons every human he touches on the way to his personal success. Leaders are beset with the fallout while the cash register keeps ringing. Mr. Toxic has become indispensable.

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The Tip of the Iceberg Tips the Scale

“I just received word that all of our 4000 employees received donuts this morning as part of our spirit week celebration,” announced the hospital H.R. Director with pride, speaking as part of an award-winning healthy workplace panel. The donut gift was part of an effort to improve workplace culture.

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