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World Cup Succession Planning

One of the pleasant surprises of the 2014 World Cup is the artistry coming from unexpected teams and unheralded talent. Odds-makers and media experts have been forced to recalibrate their predictions. Savvy veterans are welcoming their youthful successors with appreciative celebration. The professional sports industry seems to embrace the seasonality of teams more effectively than other business sectors. Perhaps we should take a lesson.

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The Generational Transmission of Wealth

The rising star was humbled by receiving an award named for a former rising star that had forged a legacy in the organization. Who knows, someday an award might be christened in her honor and bestowed upon one of her children’s peers. Succession moves in dynamic cycles as the wealth of knowledge is passed on and new leaders are created.

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This is Not Set in Stone

Sitting in the lobby waiting to be greeted by the company’s chief human resources officer, I took in the decor. Workspace design is often the first clue to an organization’s mission. This particular organization was the parent company for over a dozen global businesses. Each business logo was proudly displayed on a sign attached to a post embedded deeply into a massive foundation of granite. The message was clear.

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Respect and Resilience

An international gathering of small business owners attracted a diverse crowd at this year’s ISSA North America 2012 convention in Chicago’s McCormick Place. The convention floor was crawling with entrepreneurs in search of innovative products and methods. When I arrived at the podium to deliver my keynote address, “Building Great Teams,” the audience was already energized. I began my presentation with a story.

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The New Golden Rule

Tom sat at his desk with his head in his hands, frustrated about the challenge his boss had just laid in his lap. The report, the one that takes a week to complete, had to be turned in three days early. He knew the team would balk. He could picture Andrea’s reaction as she considered the extra time she’d have to take away from her kids to meet the deadline. He knew Jim would stomp around, angry that he was going to miss the big game. Gloria would deal with it without complaining because she’s motivated by getting the job done on time and well.

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