The Generational Transmission of Wealth

The rising star was humbled by receiving an award named for a former rising star that had forged a legacy in the organization. Who knows, someday an award might be christened in her honor and bestowed upon one of her children’s peers. Succession moves in dynamic cycles as the wealth of knowledge is passed on and new leaders are created.

Hand-crafted recruitment and generous employee development feed sustainability. Starting with a clear understanding of mission and culture, talent is chosen with stewardship for the future. Identify a good fit. Assess strengths and opportunities. Invest resources in growth. Push the expectations to empower advancement. Reward performance and thank mistakes. Celebrate learning and pass the torch.

Succession planning is not complex. It takes a leap of faith that surrounding your rising stars with opportunities will eventually pay organizational dividends. Strong leaders give away their leadership. They dare their peers to improve upon the recipe. They populate their vision with brilliance.