What Makes Organizations Thrive

What is the most basic recipe for creating and sustaining a healthy organization? Not surprisingly, it’s not much different than the path to a strong relationship: 1) Make an investment. 2) Build trust. 3) Sponsor growth. 4) Adapt to change. Here’s a quick primer on these four simple steps.


Make an investment

In order to invest time and energy into an organization, there must be value in return. The team’s mission, values, and vision must be aligned and behaved on a consistent basis. There must be room for disagreement and constructive conflict.

Build trust

The path to trust is forged with every interaction. Respect, connection, and accountability help it grow. Cultures that permit words and behaviors that undermine the wellness of the team eventually damage trust. That which we allow we also sanction.

Sponsor growth

Creativity and exploration add fuel to the team. An organization that embraces diversity and takes smart risks provides a platform for new ideas. As work gets more complex, innovation responds with simplicity.

Adapt to change

Unless embraced, transitions threaten to drain the life out of a team. Once teammates appropriately mourn the losses in personnel, status, and opportunity, it’s time to refocus on the new circumstances. Resilience is the team’s way to acknowledge the pain of the change while, simultaneously, adapting to its realities.

Once a team experiences a transition, it’s time to reinvest. These four simple steps usually occur in cycles. Investment is followed by trust. Trust builds a platform for growth. Growth produces change. The organization adapts and repeats the cycle.

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