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This Is Team Clock

An hour-by-hour walk around the Team Clock explains the four anchor quadrants and ten key domains of the team wellness cycle.


Organizational Nirvana

Which one is your team – aging rock star, perpetual motion, comfortably numb, or toxic?


Team Clock Business Dynamics

At the University of Illinois, business students are taught how the Team Clock model impacts their career activities.


Sustaining Healthy Culture

Building a platform of team health.


Trust and Accountability

How do we measure team trust? Might there be a gender difference?


Unhealthy Team Investment

Decide what ingredients you’d like to bake into your team recipe.


Throw a Flag

Holding each other accountable to living the mission and values of an organization takes courage.


Unhealthy Teams

Protecting insulated clusters of health.


10 Years of Experience

Are you growing or remaining stagnant?


Q and A

A coaching challenge: “Are broken teammates beyond help?”


Interpersonal Model

Applying the Team Clock model to interpersonal relationships, the Discovery stage addresses the challenges of starting something new while the Intimacy stage addresses the challenges of closeness while the Adventure stage addresses the challenges of growth, and the Space stage addresses the challenges of managing change.


Useful Pain Book Promo

The Team Clock model also guides interpersonal wellness. How’s the health status of your most important relationships?

Leaders Bank - 2010 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Winner

A Team Clock early adopter recognized as an industry best practice.


Creating Breakthrough Teams

The journey to breakthrough teams.

Audio Clips

Turn Relationship Pain into Gain: An Interview with Mawi Asgedom

Looking at the benefits of struggle in propelling growth.

WIND 560 Radio Interview

The Chicago White Sox story.

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Team Clock and Useful Pain book covers.

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