Company Culture is More than Morale

Morale is not the path to culture. Positive morale is the outcome of strong company culture. A healthy workplace draws talent in and makes them stay. The reasons people come and remain engaged are as varied as the diversity of the team. Some want growth and learning while others seek to make an impact. Some teammates prioritize compensation and benefits while others value a family-like atmosphere. Whatever the draw, the culture must attract multiple generations and a spectrum of personalities. That’s a tall order. Here’s where to start.

I want to be on your team if:

  • Your mission matches my purpose.
  • Communication is transparent and enhances trust.
  • The needs of our clients, customers, patients, students, users come first.
  • Teammate connections have the warmth of family with professional boundaries.
  • Our culture sustains through good times and bad.
  • Leadership sponsors and invests in learning and development.
  • Succession and growth are generated from within.
  • Collaboration and teamwork harness the strength of diversity.
  • Wellness, balance, and flexibility are employed to counterbalance stress.
  • Compensation is fair and resources are managed with stewardship.

A team with all these qualities would be the envy of any industry. A rare few companies achieve and sustain cultures without glitches. Like the performer spinning plates on sticks, there is always a plate or two wobbling and needing a new thrust. If neglected, they crash to the floor and break. Similarly, company culture is an exercise in continuous improvement. At any moment, one of the anchors of workplace wellness is wobbling and needs attention.

Assess all aspects of your team. Evaluate mission, communication, customer focus, family-like atmosphere, sustainability, learning & development, succession, teamwork, wellness, and stewardship. In which of these domains does your culture have strength. Where are the relative weaknesses? If you want a workplace with strong morale, this assessment will tell you where to aim your energy and resources.