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Recruiting for Resilience

When the leadership team completed the assessment of their culture, they reached the conclusion that the most effective teammates were the ones most aligned with the energy of change. Conversely, those who struggled with change seemed to be directing their efforts toward resistance rather than their job tasks. They created drag on otherwise promising aerodynamics.

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Reshuffling the Deck

She loved the company. The culture was an ideal fit with her natural enthusiasm and free-spirited personality. Autonomy was encouraged and rewarded. Compensation was competitive and there was plenty of room for growth. With a few notable exceptions, the majority of her co-workers shared the same level of engagement with their jobs. For the unhappy few, leaving was the only way to address the daily drain of the micro-managing supervisor whose oppressive behavior, for some reason, had remained below the radar of senior leadership.

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Free Agents

The grace period has ended. Now that the economy has begun its recovery, gainfully employed talent has joined the throngs of unemployed in searching for the perfect gig. Just a year ago, you were supposed to be happy to have a job…any job. Now, tolerating unhealthy workplace culture is no longer a requirement of vocational survival.

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It took two years. When the new superintendent first addressed the bully problem in her school district, the bullies sat at a table by themselves in the gym commenting under their breaths about that year’s cycle of new leadership. Their disruptions were rude but everyone just took it in stride. They had seen many superintendents come and go over the years. They all eventually abandoned ship. Culture eats change for breakfast. The bullying culture was deeply rooted and it was sure to survive this leader, too.

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