Free Agents

The grace period has ended. Now that the economy has begun its recovery, gainfully employed talent has joined the throngs of unemployed in searching for the perfect gig. Just a year ago, you were supposed to be happy to have a job…any job. Now, tolerating unhealthy workplace culture is no longer a requirement of vocational survival.

The cycles of supply and demand now favor businesses that have embraced organizational wellness. That is where top tier talent wants to ply their trade. The greatest impact in the job market won’t be driven by the appearance of new open positions for laid off workers to fill. The change will be mostly influenced by which insightful businesses attract which rare talent away from which unsuspecting competitors.

There is no better time to cherry pick than now. Hello. Dare me to leave. Tempt me with your mission. Entice me with a chance to innovate. Surround me with resources and training. Guide me with a mentor. Challenge me to evolve. You had me with hello.

We are all free agents now.