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Simplifying Innovation

Innovation is often the solution to the struggle between capacity and complexity. The challenges faced by teams get more complicated each day. The ability of the team to meet these demands is further stretched. The gap widens as time moves forward. Depleted teammates are encouraged to work smarter not harder. If you invest energy in designing a new way to approach a problem, you’ll be rewarded by the benefits of simplicity. This is the value proposition.

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Strategic Abandonment

Make your list today. What should I stop doing? In a workplace of unprecedented complexity, running faster and working harder only grows the problem. There’s no good way to pack 15 lbs. of potatoes into a 10 lb. sack. It’s time to abandon something. Subtraction is useful math.

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Teamwork Actualized: The New Team Clock Website

The crew that initially gathered around the table to design the new website was an unusual assortment of complementary talents. The team of creative minds combined a web designer, a marketing expert, a graphic artist, a social media guru and a business strategist. Divergent strengths and competing perspectives provided the fuel for innovation.

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No Limits

How did they do it? The follow-up survey suggested the team had knocked the cover off the ball. In six short months, every recommended action had been addressed and the business results were the buzz of the senior leadership team. Raising the bar to this level was, to many, a setup for disappointment. The industry’s track record predicted a growth ceiling.

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Playfulness is Contagious

The host and his panel had two essential traits in common. They came to play and they came to share. The Du Page Children’s Museum recently hosted an event, Creating a Culture of Innovation, featuring the co-founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards, Tom Kuczmarski. For over an hour, Tom led an exchange with a panel of recent award winners energizing a full house at North Central College with stories of exploration, failure, and discovery.

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