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Engagement and Trust

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Your Solo Work as a Teammate

Most teamwork is relationship driven. Everyone has a role and function relative to their teammates’ roles and functions. Yet, each interaction is fueled by a solo decision made in the privacy of your thoughts. Before we collaborate, a few items must be clear:

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The Most Engaged Person in the Room

Classroom teachers can spot them in an instant. The most engaged person in the room sends off energy that elevates the entire group. Beyond standard eye contact and nods of understanding, this teammate absorbs his or her environment. Connections are forged physically, emotionally, and intellectually. What might you do if you wanted to deliver engagement at this level?

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The Three Drivers of Trust

Every interaction either adds or subtracts from the trust of a partnership. Whether you give trust freely or require it to be earned, it grows and shrinks continuously. When you look closely into the aspects of interpersonal exchange that populate a typical workplace, the disparity in willingness to take risks amongst teammates makes sense. Consider the three primary drivers of trust: connection, respect, and accountability.

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Three Ways to Become Invisible

One true measure of engagement is if, in the eyes of your peers, you matter. Whether in a business meeting or an interpersonal exchange, everybody knows what it feels like to be invisible. Your partners might be making eye contact but their attention is on other priorities. Colleagues are checking their smartphones during your presentation. It’s the classic portrayal of “presenteeism” – the body is present but the spirit is not. Consider these three methods to achieve invisibility:

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Dancing with Strangers

Engaging with unknown partners poses risks. Without the context of a track record, it’s hard to predict the direction collaboration might take. A cocktail of trust, courage, and adventure must be consumed before dancing with a stranger.

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