The Most Engaged Person in the Room

Classroom teachers can spot them in an instant. The most engaged person in the room sends off energy that elevates the entire group. Beyond standard eye contact and nods of understanding, this teammate absorbs his or her environment. Connections are forged physically, emotionally, and intellectually. What might you do if you wanted to deliver engagement at this level?

Listen as if it was your first day on the earth and everything was fresh.

Wonder as if all past assumption were erased and the slate was clean for new perspectives.

Synthesize as if every element of your ecosystem had value and was connected.

Give as if you knew how your teammates most wanted to receive.

Contribute as if you could leave the room in better shape than when you entered.

Thank as if communication of appreciation made your team stronger.

Celebrate as if the moment was a chance for a new beginning.

Happy New Year from the Team Clock Institute!