The 2014 Team Clock “Thank You” List

Happy Thanksgiving! Chances are you made the 2014 Team Clock “Thank You” list. This year’s list is populated by colleagues of all shapes and sizes. Click below to see your contribution to our partnership.

You Performed a “Person-ectomy”
Having assessed your organization for any remnants of actively disengaged employees, you eradicated the few remaining toxic elements of your workplace by setting the poison people free to go put someone else out of business.

You Modeled Accountability
Having clarified your organization’s philosophy, mission, values, and vision, you leveraged these standards as behavioral guideposts in every interaction.

You Lead a Cultural Transformation
Having anticipated the changes ahead in your industry, you challenged your leadership to reboot the strategic direction of the organization to increase the chances of thriving in the new economy.

You Embraced a Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
Having discovered that new problems require creative solutions, you invited a reassessment of your team’s talent and capacity to empower innovation.

You Confronted a Bully
Having grown tired of responding to fear, you sacrificed safety and security to challenge the dysfunction of the status quo.

You Ignited a Succession Plan
Having developed a deep pool of diverse talent on the team, you invested in coaching to shepherd their leadership trajectories and ensure the healthy evolution of the organization beyond your lifespan.

The Team Clock Institute is grateful for all of our courageous clients and partners.