The 2012 Team Clock InstituteThank You List

Surrounded by vital partnerships, it’s time to give pause for reflection and gratitude. Where do you fit on the Team Clock Institute’s 2012 Thank You List?

Clients & Customers – the early adopters and loyal returnees to a model that empowers team wellness.

Villages & Communities – the ecosystem that nurtures and feeds the development of products and services.

Interns & Students – the youth and vigor that inspires new ideas.

Advisers & Consultants – the insight and wisdom that illuminates and fill the gaps in knowledge and experience.

Artists & Designers – the sources of beauty and expression that gives color and personality to the tools and resources.

Family & Friends – the unconditional love and support that anchors stability and fuels perseverance.

History & Legacy – the calling of purpose that is woven through every interaction.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!