Welcoming 2013 in 4 Easy Steps

Here we go – one more time around the cycle. Traditions and celebrations will mark the coming weeks as we take stock of a year gone by and prepare for the year ahead. Other than turning the page on the calendar, though, what will really be different? Consider these 4 easy steps:


The Team Clock model recommends taking time to soak in what has been lost as we say goodbye to 2012. Favorite memories and accomplishments ring as loudly as mistakes and missed opportunities.


Acknowledging all that is left behind and carefully selecting what will be inherited into the future, define the anchors. What is not changing? What should be different moving forward and what commitments are we willing to communicate to make real change possible?


Having anchored our foundation and shared new goals, it’s now time to own the plan. Simply, this plays out in literally everything we say and do each day. Behaving our commitments allows us to become the change we seek. Collaboration with others ensures accountability.


Create something new. Have the courage to be different. Take smart risks. Explore. Experiment. Be curious. Learn. Discover. Dare 2013 to be a year of innovation.

Happy New Year from the Team Clock