Teamwork Made Simple

As complex as the dynamics of most teams may seem, the basics of effective collaboration are not mysterious. Investment builds the team. Trust ties it together. Innovation grows the team. Distancing evolves it. Wherever your team many be in the cycle, there is action to take.  If nothing else, do this:


Investment: Take your organization’s mission statement off the poster and into action. Watching team values unfold in the workplace ignites recruitment and cements retention.

Trust: Determine which teammates are engaged, non-engaged, and disengaged. The engaged group will define your culture. The non-engaged will create drag. The disengaged will poison it.

Innovation: Harness the energy of diversity and conflict to fuel discovery. Creative tension begins with an appreciation of difference and ends with continuous improvement.

Distancing: Welcome change. Whether a revolution you’ve created or an unexpected twist, transitions require stewardship. Be careful to manage all three phases of the change process. Take stock, let go, and move on.

Because teams grow in cycles, the movement from investment to trust to innovation to distancing eventually leads to a new opportunity to anchor your mission. The re-anchored mission, in turn, invites teammates to reconsider their level of engagement. Engaged teammates, once again, take risks and create change. The team adapts and moves on to another round.

Are you in the circle?