Team Wellness Packages

The Team Clock Institute’s three-step process identifies team strengths and vulnerabilities that most impact professional performance, recommends ways to leverage these strengths and mitigate the vulnerabilities, and tracks changes in team health. Attending to team dynamics with this Learn-Assess-Evolve method gives team members the opportunity to unite in common purpose, collaborate with accountability, unleash innovation, and adapt with resilience.

The Team Clock Institute offers the following packages:

Cultural Transformation Package

10-module training program targeting team effectiveness principles and application at all levels of the organization PLUS copies of Team Clock: A Guide to Breakthrough Teams for all team members.

Comprehensive cultural assessment in ten domains of organizational wellness including licenses for online assessment for all team members resulting in strength/vulnerability metrics for each department/service line.

Six-stage cultural transformation intervention facilitated by certified Team Clock consultants with customized client industry specialization leveraging the metrics of an organizational wellness summary report with action recommendations delivered to each team leader/department/service-line. Phased leadership coaching engagements with industry specialists facilitating and tracking action tactics in each of the following areas of sustained organizational excellence:

  • Stage 1: Mission/Values/Vision clarification and commitment
  • Stage 2: Diversity integration
  • Stage 3: Infused trust and tracked accountability
  • Stage 4: Collaboration best practices
  • Stage 5: Change management
  • Stage 6: Adaptation/continuous improvement

Availability to provide certification of an in-house Team Clock consultants qualified to administer ongoing re-assessment surveys to anchor accountability to sustained team effectiveness and cultural wellness via early detection of symptoms undermining consensus culture behaviors. Certification training and practicum supervision augments the standard engagement at a cost determined by the number of internal consultants engaged.

Team Wellness Priority Package

A copy of Team Clock: A Guide to Breakthrough Teams for the team PLUS 90-minute training session

Licenses for online assessment for all team members

24-page report metrics with action-oriented recommendations delivered to leadership team within moments of completing the assessment PLUS 90-minute debrief session PLUS coaching sessions with key team leaders PLUS post-assessment licenses for follow-up online assessment for all team members after six months.

Licenses for follow-up online assessment for all team members after six months