Sample This Recipe

Recently, the founders of the Team Clock Institute met to discuss the resources that brought the greatest value to our clients. Some communicate an appreciation for the online assessment application while others like the benefits derived from the training. The majority of the feedback that comes from business partners, however, points to the worth of the action planning. Learning how to elevate the team is more important than understanding why it is stuck. This was the impetus for the development of The Team Manual.  A proven solution to any team challenge is now only a click away.

Team Clock Institute - Team Manual logo

Take a quick pulse of your team. Pick the area of greatest vulnerability and develop a strategy for greater effectiveness. The Team Manual is designed to provide easy access to customized resources. Just select the module from the drop-down menu that fits your circumstances. A quick read of the module provides a discussion of the challenge, a case study, and some action steps based on the best practices of industry peers.

Any team can find a variation of their situation within these training categories. A more formal assessment can pinpoint the areas of greatest need but most team struggles are intuitive. Consider your team’s challenges in the context of the following modules:

  1. Build a foundation of team norms.
  2. Check alignment with organizational mission.
  3. Practice healthy negotiation of conflict.
  4. Create a connection-friendly workplace.
  5. Model respect in all interactions.
  6. Demand accountability.
  7. Communicate permission to take smart risks
  8. Embrace differences to fuel innovation.
  9. Mourn loss when change occurs.
  10. Refocus on new opportunities as the team evolves.

The Team Clock Institute invites you to sample this recipe. Select the area that best describes your environment and apply the lessons from this guide. Blend the ingredients, stir, and repeat.