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The Center for Team Excellence Client:


“Even having read Team Clock, we hadn’t realized we were going through a normal change until we sat down and walked through the model. All of a sudden, our situation made sense and we knew what to do.”

Tom Myers

‘@Properties Case Study

The Challege

An established residential real estate team anticipates succession planning challenges impacted by changing career path priorities and a new corporate alliance.

The Assessment

Many of the norms established when the team was formed needed reconsideration in light of anticipated changes. A collaborative approach to orchestrating gradual transitions would allow for the greatest business continuity.

The Action

A strategic planning session was facilitated to negotiate the team’s business direction, division of labor, tactical accountability, and transition time frames. Each teammate assumed stewardship for individual career path priorities in balance with the current and future well-being of the business.

The Outcome

A consensus action plan for re-balancing roles and responsibilities was drafted with goals and benchmarks assigned for the year ahead. Changes were communicated and implemented with transparency resulting in sustained growth of the team’s business under new market conditions.