“Our organization has worked with the Team Clock Institute to anchor a mission-aligned culture of engaged talent. Team Clock is a trusted resource to us nationally, working with our future leaders. I have comfortably referred Team Clock’s assessment, training and consultation services to other trusted colleagues.”

Corey McQuade
Managing Director, McTigue Financial Group

Client: Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

The Challenge

Emerging Leaders Program and Operations Management Development Conference leaders seek to anchor principles of effective teaming in eighty-five of the nation’s top performing teams.

The Assessment

The unique challenges of each market create distinct challenges to growth and productivity for each team member. Mapping assessment metrics to business goals elevates the potential to increase lives, premiums, profit, and talent retention.

The Action

Managing Directors and Operations Managers were trained in Team Clock methodology and used pre/post assessment results to craft and track actions designed to leverage strengths and mitigate vulnerabilities specific to each market.

The Outcome

A six-month team performance challenge was implemented using weighted variables in productivity, efficiency, accountability, innovation, and resilience. All eighty-five teams measured improvement.

“One of our leaders left me a voice mail and shared the impact the Team Clock session and content is having on his ability to effectively deal with change on his team as a result of recent success. It has been a year since you shared your knowledge…development means the impact is lasting. Just wanted to thank you for contributing to the impact we were able to have at Northwestern Mutual.”

Elizabeth Hoisington, Leadership Development Manager