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May Creek Lodge

“Thank you for the gift of your expertise with my leadership teams. The Team Clock Institute was able to bring trust issues to the front. These themes will be used as central topics to make the improvements we all crave.”

Ann Noland

May Creek Lodge Case Study

The Challege

A quality award winning assisted living facility faces the challenges of rapid growth as the profile of the typical resident requires more complex care and the pool of available talent is limited in a rural setting.

The Assessment

The Team Clock assessment suggests possible trust issues within the leadership team might be fueling a hesitance to innovate and embrace change as the business climate requires more creativity and resilience.

The Action

Annual Team Clock workshops with the leadership team are employed to anchor mission, values, and accountability for open and proactive communication.

The Outcome

Improved communication provides a reliable foundation for innovative problem solving as the leadership team tackles both resident acuity and recruitment scarcity challenges more effectively.