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The Center for Team Excellence Client:


“The business is doing great, but the team has experienced a lot of change in a short time. Our goals are 1) to build a culture that is curious and wants to win, 2) to build a strong leadership team, and 3) to manage retention.”

Stephanie Kennedy
Sr. Director, Global Talent Management and Acquisition

Kellogg’s Case Study

The Challege

Corporate leadership of a global consumer products company must determine whether a specialty products division has what it takes to lead innovation.

The Assessment

Factions amongst teammates remain following a leadership transition.

The Action

Team assessment metrics reveal the need for change management intervention so that team norms can be re-anchored to support an innovative culture.

The Outcome

With a foundation of mutual accountability established, team leadership models disruptive innovation by suggesting numerous product variations unparalleled in the market. Sales skyrocket and teammates begin to take greater risks.