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Harrison District 36

“Team Clock provides leaders and team members with proactive, clear and easy to follow guidelines to improve a team’s communication, trust and comfort level. Your team will thrive in productivity and functionality and promote positive outcomes. Applying Team Clock concepts bolster healthy, dynamic, mutually respectful and collaborative cultures.”

Dr. Bhavna Sharma-Lewis

Harrison District 36 Case Study

The Challege

Recent climate survey feedback and data reflected a demoralized school culture highlighting concerns about employee engagement, mission alignment, trust, accountability, respect, collaboration, innovation, and adaptability.

The Assessment

The faculty struggled to manage leadership changes poise and professionalism.

The Action

All staff participated in a Team Clock online assessment to benchmark team strengths, vulnerabilities, and recommended actions followed by an assessment debrief with the leadership team to define goals, strategies, tactics, and progress checkpoints.

The Outcome

Based on a stated desire for improved building morale, a workplace culture task force was established to track stewardship of respect, professionalism, accountability, collaboration, innovation, and flexibility. Real time interventions were endorsed by leadership to mitigate instances of behaviors running contrary to the consensus vision for workplace culture.