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Community Specialists

“The Team Clock Institute has given several seminars to our employees and has been given excellent reviews for team building and increasing employee morale. I highly recommend the Team Clock Institute to help bring a group of employees to find they are working on the same goals and can accomplish more together than they can alone.”

Rosemarie Wert

Community Specialists Case Study

The Challege

High profile Chicago lakefront property managers seek benchmark excellence in service quality, team engagement, and condominium board effectiveness to attract the next generation of owners/residents.

The Assessment

Service excellence, team engagement, and condo board effectiveness as key differentiators amongst property management specialists lack visibility to potential owners. Best practices in isolated properties are not shared and leveraged for continuous improvement.

The Action

In a two-pronged initiative, service excellence and employee engagement are targeted as culture anchors while a Team Clock online assessment is employed to benchmark top performing condo boards.

The Outcome

Top performing buildings and condo board leadership are identified for best-practice sharing so that properties struggling with service excellence and team engagement can learn from industry peers. Owner/resident satisfaction soars.