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Chiro One

“I personally have never met or worked with anyone who breaks down the cycles and dynamics of teamwork as effectively as the Team Clock Institute. Not only does it work, it is easy to understand and implement to serve the growth of a team regardless the enterprise. Whether it be sports, business, non-profit, or a family, the ability to assess and effectively manage the critical components of teamwork is a skill that has no boundaries. The Team Clock Institute will maximize your abilities in this area.”

Brett Penager
Founding Partner and Chief Marketing Officer

Chiro One Case Study

The Challege

Having exceeded performance goals, 50 selected leaders are invited to participate in a special training opportunity designed to enhance team effectiveness behaviors on their clinical teams.

The Assessment

Anchoring a consistent methodology would make a foundation of healthy team culture scalable throughout a period of assertive business growth.

The Action

A cascading train-the-trainer model was initiated by immersing top performers with Team Clock education and coaching tailored action plans to deliver the framework to an expanding network of clinics.

The Outcome

Basic training in Team Clock methodology was expanded from 50 to 150 leaders over the three years enabling the expansion of a consistent foundation of workplace culture.