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The Tip of the Iceberg Tips the Scale

“I just received word that all of our 4000 employees received donuts this morning as part of our spirit week celebration,” announced the hospital H.R. Director with pride, speaking as part of an award-winning healthy workplace panel. The donut gift was part of an effort to improve workplace culture.

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The Generosity of Wellness

Often, the most powerful gift simply elevates the recipient. It’s given from behind the scenes without the need for gratitude. The sole purpose is an investment in the well-being of the partner. The knowledge of your impact on their health, energy, quality-of-life, efficiency, productivity and outlook consummates the exchange. More than just a random act of kindness, generosity is an investment.

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TEAM 101: Families and Holidays

Through their absence or presence, families coalesce during the holiday season. These annual gatherings are defined by who’s coming and who’s missing. Our clans provide the curriculum for Team 101.

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Running in the Dark

I am often asked to assess the structure and dynamics of teams I’ve never before met. With no contextual information, I am forced to rely exclusively on the accuracy of the data that arises from the Team Clock team effectiveness survey. Once the analysis is complete, I am introduced to the team for the first time for a debrief session. Sometimes, it feels like running in the dark.

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