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The Science of Finding Your Next Team

It’s time for a change. The leadership team hasn’t yet recognized your decision to leave the organization. They’re unwittingly funding your job hunt. Perhaps it was the lack of investment in your growth or maybe the misalignment with your values that triggered your readiness. It no longer matters why you’ve decided to leave. Your focus has shifted to the next opportunity.

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Your Networking Funnel

Some connections are more meaningful than others. Basic socialization has plenty of value but the best networking leads to mutual growth. Imagine a funnel fed at the top by every single human with whom you have either a first, second, or third degree connection. Consider a narrow exit point where the flow of connections is defined by only the most impactful relationships. By what criteria might your priorities be determined?

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Become a Connector

Connectors know everyone. They’re not simply collectors of people. They join people with others. They promote their networks by sharing them generously. In a positive spiral of teaming, requests lead to introductions which, in turn, ignite collaborations that eventually prompt referrals. The cycle continues as connectors expand the base of pooled talent. Consider three strategies for growing your network:

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Every Day is a Job Interview

There is always a most engaged person in the audience. Whether a professor in front of a classroom or a speaker addressing hundreds at a professional conference, one participant lifts the energy in the room by tuning in with all senses. Everybody else reaps the benefits. Consider these examples.

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A View of the Field from the Corporate Suite

I couldn’t decide which show to watch: the team on the field or the team upstairs. Drama was unfolding in both locations. Sitting in a corporate suite at a professional sporting event provides a unique perch from which to observe team dynamics.

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