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When Excellence Gets Punished

If the norm is mediocre, average performance will always be good enough. Good enough is sufficient in many endeavors. Some commitments, however, require a devotion to excellence and continuous improvement. Elevating good to great and great to greater taxes the system before it fuels. It’s easier not to stretch yourself when the immediate reward is not visible. In a culture that prefers good, great is a threat. Consider these ways excellence gets punished:

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Eight Simple Questions

The holiday season brings time for reflection. Why squeeze your resolutions into the first week of January? Each day of the year offers a chance to grow. Consider more frequent assessment and reassessment of your direction. What questions might you ask?

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The Beauty of Imperfection

Whether you’re a part of an organization, a team, a relationship, or engaged in a staring contest with a mirror, poor choices and mistakes create the secret path to evolution. Despite the elusive goal of perfection, true beauty lives in the flaws of being human and, thus, a work in progress. The goal is not to become the ideal. It is to follow our struggles as guideposts for growth. What is your personal strategic plan?

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Tie Your Shoe

A long time ago, I was running a distance race on college track team when I noticed my shoe was untied. The only reason I became aware of the problem was because my shoe was slipping at the heal and slowing me down. Buried in the middle of the pack, I had to decide whether to “make a pit stop” and tie my shoe or finish the race with the impediment. If I stopped to tie my shoe, I would fall behind. If I fought the slippage, I would have to perform at less than peak ability. What would you do?

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Welcoming 2013 in 4 Easy Steps

Here we go – one more time around the cycle. Traditions and celebrations will mark the coming weeks as we take stock of a year gone by and prepare for the year ahead. Other than turning the page on the calendar, though, what will really be different? Consider these 4 easy steps:

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