Eight Simple Questions

The holiday season brings time for reflection. Why squeeze your resolutions into the first week of January? Each day of the year offers a chance to grow. Consider more frequent assessment and reassessment of your direction. What questions might you ask?


  • Have I been true to the mission and purpose of my work?
  • Have I raised the level of someone else’s performance?


  • Have I fed and nourished the valued partners in my professional network?
  • Have I followed through on all of my commitments?


  • Have I reserved time for creativity in my daily routine?
  • Have I solicited honest feedback from a notoriously critical friend or business partner?


  • Have I found lessons in my mistakes and let go of past regrets?
  • Have I refocused on the new circumstances that lie ahead even though they may not yet be clear?

May your days, weeks, and months be filled with endless improvement. Happy New Year from the Team Clock Institute!