The Beauty of Imperfection

Whether you’re a part of an organization, a team, a relationship, or engaged in a staring contest with a mirror, poor choices and mistakes create the secret path to evolution. Despite the elusive goal of perfection, true beauty lives in the flaws of being human and, thus, a work in progress. The goal is not to become the ideal. It is to follow our struggles as guideposts for growth. What is your personal strategic plan?

Imagine a cup filled with a blend of goodness and opportunity. Occasionally, the cup is filled to the brim and we enjoy a fleeting awareness of happiness, safety, contentment, and hope for the future. We share our gifts, enjoy the generosity of others, and the mirror offers a friendly reflection of a life well lived. Sometimes, however, our circumstances create a less favorable reflection. Teammates are misaligned with the vision. Partners disappoint. The once full cup develops a slow leak and we question our fit with a job, on a team, in a relationship, or the measurement of our own performance.

Nobody’s cup is continuously full even if it appears they have everything together. The best organizations, teams, relationships, and individuals not only struggle, but cherish their pain as a recipe for growth and continuous improvement. Our flaws and scars become the evidence of our hard work. The work is never done – the beauty of imperfection.