A Tool for Your Team’s Renewal

Published: October 7, 2019

The teamclock.com website was originally designed as a tool for teams. With a few clicks, you could easily find best practices on team effectiveness and a path to diagnose your organization’s wellness. That was a decade ago and, like most tools, we’ve needed to refresh our approach a few times. Like all living things, the Center for Team Excellence has evolved through many cycles of change. Our new website reflects today’s focus: helping our partners know what stage of growth they are managing, why they are in that stage and what to do next to move forward. We encourage you to take a self-guided tour after enjoying this preview.

What’s your team’s struggle?

The Home page begins with this question. It’s likely you came to the site in search for answers. Whether your team is clarifying mission, seeking accountability, stretching to innovate or navigating change, selected excerpts from The 4 Stages of a Team will provide guidance.

Who makes up our team?

Our founders, consultants, advisory board and project specialists are featured on the About page. Get to know our helpers. They come from all walks of life. They represent the broadest ranges of diversity as we seek to reflect the spectrum of backgrounds and experiences we see in our client’s teams.

How do we help?

Once we’ve helped you assess the source of your struggle, the Solutions page is designed to preview all the resources at your disposal to harness your strengths and mitigate your vulnerabilities. Perhaps one of our books is all you need. Maybe a keynote speech or a lunch-and-learn workshop would provide inspiration. Some partners engage coaching arrangements while others embark on comprehensive team wellness engagements. 

Are there case studies?

The Clients page is packed with stories of teams overcoming challenges common to all organizations. Formatted to highlight solutions, each case study details the challenge, the assessment, the action and the outcome. You are sure to find applicable insights as teams of all shapes and sized traverse similar obstacles. 

Where is the best place to learn about team dynamics?

Over the past ten years, we have compiled a library of Articles covering every aspect of team wellness. You can search by category, by date or by “greatest hits.” Browse at your leisure to learn more about collaboration, communication, engagement, trust, innovation, change management, interpersonal relationships and workplace culture.

The Center for Team Excellence endeavors to model the principles of healthy teams in a commitment to continuous improvement. We are excited to launch this refreshed website as an advancement in the assessment, training and coaching of team effectiveness. Because all teams travel in cycles, there’s always another chance for renewal.

Photo of Steve Ritter, the co-founder of The Center for Team Excellence

Steve Ritter

Steve Ritter is an internationally recognized expert on team dynamics whose clients include Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, and many educational organizations. He is on the faculty of the Center for Professional Excellence at Elmhurst University where he earned the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching. Steve is the former Senior Vice President, Director of Human Resources at Leaders Bank, named the #1 Best Place to Work in Illinois in 2006 and winner of the American Psychological Association's Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award in 2010. Steve provides ongoing workplace culture consultation to many thriving companies including Kraft Foods, Advocate Health Care, Kellogg's, the Chicago White Sox, AthletiCo, and Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.