10 Pillars of Organizational Excellence

Collaborating fuels energy in most top workplaces. Effective teamwork is only a small part of what makes organizations excellent. Employers-of-choice make a sustained investment the health and wellness of the internal culture so that top talent seeks entry and stays forever. Take a moment to name the strengths and gaps in your organization as you consider these 10 pillars of organizational excellence:

1. Mission/Values/Vision
A clear sense of purpose and direction permeates the workplace and guides the goals of the work.

2. Open Communication
Honest and transparent exchange builds trust and provides a foundation for successful problem-solving.

3. Customer Focus
An extraordinary focus on the customer builds long-term relationships and a reason for partnership.

4. Family-like Culture
Genuine care and concern for coworkers creates a sense of community and a pitch-in spirit.

5. Sustainability
Leadership takes a long view of the business so that it can thrive in both prosperous and challenging economies.

6. Learning & Development
The organization invests in the career path of employees by customizing projects, resources, and networking opportunities aligned with their strengths and professional interests.

7. Succession Planning
Create bench strength with breadth and depth to allow future leaders to be groomed from within.

8. Teamwork
Collaboration holds teammates together, promotes new ideas, and generates fuel for innovation.

9. Wellness
Sponsor a holistic approach to healthy lifestyles, stress reduction, and work/life balance. Enjoy the return-on-investment in productivity.

10. Stewardship
Employees think and act like owners and are committed to the long-term success of the organization.

Once you’ve identified your areas of strength and vulnerability, draft an action plan to elevate assets and mitigate liabilities. Soon, you’ll be filling out applications for recognition as a “Best Place to Work.”