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The Center for Team Excellence Client:

Winston & Strawn, LLP

“What connected me most was the feeling that Team Clock was like a therapist for all of us…for each of us…separately and as a group”

Mike Melbinger
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

Winston & Strawn, LLP Case Study

The Challege

A national law firm’s leadership team confronts an under-performing practice group with a faction of disengaged associates subtracting from the workplace culture.

The Assessment

Assessment metrics point to a breakdown of trust amongst teammates resulting in an inefficient grouping of individual performers regularly bypassing opportunities for collaborative cross-selling.

The Action

The practice group’s leader sponsors an “accountability initiative” in which behavior not aligned with organizational values is brought to the larger team for resolution. Everyone is empowered to raise day-to-day culture violations to the resolution process.

The Outcome

Within six months, natural attrition results in a new composition of talent. The team enjoys increased levels of collaboration, cross-marketing activity, and business development growth.