Teamwork Actualized: The New Team Clock Website

The crew that initially gathered around the table to design the new website was an unusual assortment of complementary talents. The team of creative minds combined a web designer, a marketing expert, a graphic artist, a social media guru and a business strategist. Divergent strengths and competing perspectives provided the fuel for innovation.

As you surf the new website and click through the pages, the outcome will tell the story of the creation. Coupled with the diversity of opinion on the team was a unified commitment to enhance the experience for the user.  By crafting a visitor-friendly site, the team strived to make it rewarding to get immersed in the content experience. By making the site interactive, the team sought to forge relationships with current and prospective Team Clock clients. By packing the site with valuable tools and resources, the team endeavored to create a one-stop-shop for team health and relationship wellness.

Please enjoy our new experiential website. It is the result of the Team Clock methodology in action. The design team invested in a common vision while elevating an appreciation for the strength of differences. They held each other accountable for respectful exchange and collaboration. They leveraged this foundation to innovate. They greeted change with resilience.

Now, they celebrate a fresh turn around yet another cycle of team growth.