Ron Watkins

Certified Team Clock Consultant

Currently Ron Watkins is the Senior Assistant Dean at the University of Illinois, College of Business. He is also a lecturer faculty member in the Business Management Department teaching management consulting and sales management courses. Outside of the university Ron works as an independent consultant for many firms ranging from Fortune 50 to $10M in revenue. His focus is on helping organizations get the most out of their in the high potential, high performing individuals.

Before his current role, Ron served as the Director of Illinois Business Consulting. Prior to joining the University in 2007, he was the principle of a management consulting firm focusing on improving revenue generation and management teams; worked as the Wi-Fi marketing strategy manager for AT&T; and served on active duty as a captain in the US Army.

Mr. Watkins received his B.S. in Communication and Business from Eastern Illinois University and an M.B.A. from the University of Illinois.

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