Dr. Beth Plachetka

Certified Team Clock Consultant

Dr. Beth Plachetka, EdD, LCSW, MSW, MAEL brings 40 years of experience addressing and resolving psychological, social, and interpersonal issues. In addition to her role in the Team Clock Institute, Beth is a licensed clinical social worker, therapist, speaker, adjunct professor in the School of Social Work at Aurora University, and president of Safe Harbor Counseling in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

For organizations to succeed and thrive, strong workplace relationships must be respectful, collaborative, and in line with the mission and goals. If professional relationships are poor, customers suffer and negatively impact the organization. Assessing and strengthening relationships is Beth’s expertise which she applies in private practice counseling, school social work, teaching, speaking engagements, and as a certified Team Clock consultant. Beth’s knowledge of the importance of relationships at work is supported by her dissertation that focuses on adult bullying in the school setting and by earning her doctorate in curriculum and instruction. Her deep practical knowledge to identify and realign workplace relationships in educational systems and faith institutions provides her with the expertise required to help organizations as a certified Team Clock consultant.