Cara Milianti

Director of Communication and Certified Team Clock Consultant

As the Director of Communication, Cara coordinates assessment, speaking, coaching, and consultation engagements for the Team Clock Institute. Cara is the central point of contact for existing and prospective clients, managing all aspects of fact-finding, proposals, negotiations, scheduling, resource networking, event logistics, and collateral communications. As a Certified Team Clock Consultant, Cara provides assessment, training, and coaching to teams seeking to leverage strengths, diagnose vulnerabilities, and elevate team effectiveness.

As a small business coach, consultant, and adviser, Cara has partnered with organizations in an array of industries to enhance operations and maximize results. With a specialization in management, program development, training, transition planning, and business continuity, Cara integrates the client’s clinical and operational strengths to empower team effectiveness and achieve business deliverables. Cara’s collaboration strengthens business partnerships and elevates organizational wellness.

Earning her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and her Master’s degree from University of Illinois Jane Addams College of Social Work, Cara brings an insightful, holistic perspective to every organizational health initiative.