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The Center for Team Excellence Client:

Glen Ellyn District 41

“We had a great year and are continuing with our Future Focused Group in planning for staff meetings this year. The original committee is still intact and we are still committed to continuing to move the building forward. The foundation that we worked on with the Team Clock Institute has helped us to move forward. We are looking towards another great year!”

Mary Hornacek

Glen Ellyn District 41 Case Study

The Challege

A suburban elementary school principal struggles with leading her 60-person team after two years in her leadership role. Some of the staff members were unable to accept the change in leadership style while others were simply afraid to face the social consequences of aligning with the new, unpopular leader. Staff Climate Survey data and student test scores reflected the staff’s tension and the negative organizational culture.

The Assessment

The Team Clock online assessment survey reveals teacher-principal relationship tension, lack of trust, disrespectful colleague interactions, lack of accountability, and resistance to change.

The Action

In direct response to identified “hot button” issues, a “Future Focused Group” was staffed by representatives from each grade level and charged to empower healthy team norms, engage open communication, support innovative teaching methods, and facilitate nimble adaptation to change.

The Outcome

120 days later, staff climate survey data rated 4/5 or 5/5 (5-point scale,“5” being favorable):

My building is headed in the right direction (75%)

My building is a friendly place (82%)

I look forward to going to work most days (80%)

I feel I am part of a team (84%)

Staff members treat each other with respect (82%)