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Add Team Clock® certification to your organization or your professional toolbox

  • Teams are your business’ greatest investment.
  • Enhancing collaboration and communication improves performance.
  • Certification enables solutions to common team challenges.

The Team Clock Institute offers certification at two levels:

Team Clock® Specialist

Team Clock® Specialists receive fundamental training in the principles of effective teaming and have access to Team Clock® assessment, training, and coaching resources for guiding team development in their workplace environment. Often, Team Clock® Specialists are graduate students or employed in Human Resource or Organizational Development capacity and add this certification to their professional toolbox.


Team Clock® Specialist training is designed as an Organizational Change and Wellness internship providing students and professionals pursuing a Human Resources career path with a foundation of workplace culture assessment tools. As a didactic and experiential engagement, it is designed to prepare the intern to help teams anchor mission/values/vision, sustain trust, empower growth and innovation, and steward change and resilience. The intern will engage in a blend of informational interviewing, job shadowing, cultural assessment administration, organizational wellness data interpretation and debrief, and team effectiveness training leading to certification-level practicum experience.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain how philosophy, mission, and values anchor the vision of a team or organization.
  2. Recognize the elements of trust and psychological safety that support team growth.
  3. Recognize the role of diversity and risk in fueling innovation.
  4. Clarify the process of change management in the cyclical progress of a team’s lifespan.

Learning Activities

  • Conduct informational interviews with clients and consultants.
  • Participate in the administration of organizational cultural assessment.
  • Partner in the interpretation, analysis, and debrief of workplace culture metrics.
  • Collaborate in team effectiveness training workshop design and delivery.
  • Complete required reading of best practice literature in organizational wellness.

Evaluation and Outcome Measurement

  • Compose a written executive summary of internship experience.
  • Present internship accomplishments to a Human Resources panel of experts.
  • Apply for certification as Team Clock® Specialist.

Course Materials

Cost: $2500

Click here to learn more about Team Clock® Specialist certification.

Team Clock® Consultant

Certified Team Clock® Consultants are independent contractors of the Team Clock Institute and are qualified to lead comprehensive Team Clock® engagements with businesses and organizations within their own client list. Certified Team Clock® Consultants provide a rigorous assessment of team strengths and vulnerabilities, training of team effectiveness principles, assessment debrief and action-planning sessions, and leadership coaching within a six-to-twelve month engagement with their clients. Certified Team Clock® Consultants are typically freelancers with leadership experience in a range of industries. Certified Team Clock® Consultant bios and photos are featured on the website (

Qualifying Skill Set

  • In-depth understanding of cultural assessment metrics.
  • Comfort is speaking to large audiences in a training environment.
  • Ability to engage in a 1:1 coaching alliance.
  • Networking and business development acumen.

Certification Requirements

  • Read Team Clock: A Guide to Breakthrough Teams (provided with certification fee)
  • Read The Team Manual (online)
  • Participate in twelve hours of live training with a certified Team Clock® Consultant
  • Complete a practicum involving all components of a full Team Clock engagement within 6 months of training.
  • Participate in a 90-minute evaluation call with Team Clock Institute Founder & CEO, Steve Ritter.

Practicum Components

  • Identify an external team (good-to-great/diagnostic/change management/dysfunction).
  • Engage external team to initiate baseline online assessment and Team Clock process.
  • Conduct assessment, training, and debrief workshop.
  • Map Team Clock metrics to business deliverables.
  • Identify 90-day goals and detailed action plan.
  • Implement follow-up assessment and track results.
  • Request feedback from participants (online survey link provided)
  • Write case study detailing team challenges, assessment results, goals, interventions, and outcomes.


  • Diagnosis-informed, quadrant-based intervention
  • Targeted impact domains
  • Business goal mapping
  • Strategic action planning
  • Application with current workplace team
  • Mock training session role play
  • Baseline assessment procedure
  • Assessment result interpretation and summary report
  • Assessment debrief, goal setting, and action planning
  • Team Clock Interpersonal Market
  • The Team Clock® Relationship Cycle
  • Interpersonal Assessment and Action Workbook
  • Relationship Coaching Engagements
  • Coaching & consultation
  • General HR/OD coaching
  • Freelancing 101

Required Reading

  • Team Clock: A Guide to Breakthrough Teams
  • Useful Pain: Why Your Relationships Need Struggle
  • Team Clock Interpersonal Assessment Action Workbook
  • Team Clock Interpersonal Assessment Cards
  • Team Clock® Certification Training Manual

Cost: $5,000

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