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Funding Your Job Hunt

There’s a parallel running through the baby-boom and millennial generations. It’s driven by a shrinking tolerance for work that lacks meaning and purpose. Patience is wearing thin on workplaces shaped by toxic politics. Unless impact is measurable with some regularity, jobs fail to engage or become sources of burnout. Whether you are thirty or fifty years old, it’s good to get clear about the most basic, non-negotiable criteria for a thriving professional path.

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Summer Elixir

The healing powers of summer are providing the annual elixir to teachers and school administrators everywhere. No matter how awful the internal politics of their workplaces last spring, August will usher a renewed sense of hope for the fall return to the classroom. Like a bad case of amnesia, the break will successfully numb these professionals from the unresolved violations of healthy organizational culture that exhausted them a few short months ago. 

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