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Engagement and Trust

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It was a battle of emotional immune systems. The team’s leader was burned out. He had been in his role too long without growth or challenge. Each day, he dragged himself into work, put in his hours, produced the minimum necessary to keep his job, left at 5:00 on the nose, and returned home to refuel sufficiently to come back and do it again. Another day…another dollar. Most of his direct reports followed his lead and sleepwalked through their careers…except one.

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Converting the Disengaged

Gallup’s 30/50/20 metric seems to hold true in any industry. You know the breakdown – in any given workplace, about 30% of the employees are engaged – they would run through a wall for the organization. About 50% of the employees are disengaged. They’re not really hurting the business with intent. They come to work, do their jobs, and collect their paychecks. These are not the folks, though, you’d ask to go the extra mile. And then, there’s the 20% of the work team that is actively disengaged. Not all of these employees are intentionally trying to harm the workplace. In most cases, they’ve simply decided to devote the bulk of their energy to perpetuating toxicity.

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Which Came First?

A hand shot up during a recent Team Clock workshop.  Having just finished reading a best selling business book focusing on team dysfunctions, she expressed confusion about the relationship between trust and conflict.

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