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Anyteam, Anywhere, Anytime

The CEO asked her team for fifteen minutes of their time to complete the Team Clock Online Assessment survey. She knew her team was strong but wanted to dig a little deeper into what opportunities might arise from pushing them to the next level. She wasn’t prepared, however, for the results when she pressed “submit” to download her summary report.

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Imagine the Power of a Snapshot

What if any team could take a snapshot of their health and effectiveness at any time? Consider a world where everyone took responsibility for their individual contribution to the team’s collective goals. Imagine the impact of such performance accountability on a team’s growth and development.

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A View of the Field from the Corporate Suite

I couldn’t decide which show to watch: the team on the field or the team upstairs. Drama was unfolding in both locations. Sitting in a corporate suite at a professional sporting event provides a unique perch from which to observe team dynamics.

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