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The 10 Key Measurements of Effective Teams

Benchmarks provide a snapshot of momentary excellence. Eventually, the measurement will be surpassed as teams strive for continuous improvement. An assessment reveals the wellness of the current state and a diagnosis of where attention would be most fruitful. Choose whatever scale you wish – unhealthy to healthy, unproductive to productive, disengaged to engaged, stagnant to growing, resistant to adaptable – and measure your team. On a continuum from “1” to “5,” with five being desirable, how does your team rank in the following metrics?

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Teamwork Made Simple

As complex as the dynamics of most teams may seem, the basics of effective collaboration are not mysterious. Investment builds the team. Trust ties it together. Innovation grows the team. Distancing evolves it. Wherever your team many be in the cycle, there is action to take.  If nothing else, do this:

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When Excellence Gets Punished

If the norm is mediocre, average performance will always be good enough. Good enough is sufficient in many endeavors. Some commitments, however, require a devotion to excellence and continuous improvement. Elevating good to great and great to greater taxes the system before it fuels. It’s easier not to stretch yourself when the immediate reward is not visible. In a culture that prefers good, great is a threat. Consider these ways excellence gets punished:

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The Leader Your Team Wants to Follow

Take all the leaders you’ve been privileged to follow and name their most compelling attributes. Imagine all those qualities combined in the character of one super hybrid leader. He or she would be inspirational yet practical. Integrity would be a must. Humor would be a bonus. Consider how the following competencies might be valuable to your organization from the team’s perspective.

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Why I Want to Work for You

The five consecutive top workplace awards provided the first clue. The first thirty seconds inside the carefully designed workspace off the beaten path in the City of Duluth, however, provided the confirming evidence. You can sense the culture of an organization when you enter its space. It’s in the air before the first employee greets you with eye contact and a smile. Walk a little further into the building and you’ll find that the most valuable square footage overlooking Lake Superior is not reserved for the Managing Partner of the firm and his leadership team – it is devoted to the rank and file and their customers. The first impression was only the beginning.

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