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60 Seconds on the Team Clock provides individuals with the direction needed to clarify the purpose, launch innovation, and promote collaboration and effectiveness within teams. Select from the menu of topics and discover a new perspective on your team’s journey in just 60 seconds.

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World Cup Succession Planning

One of the pleasant surprises of the 2014 World Cup is the artistry coming from unexpected teams and unheralded talent. Odds-makers and media experts have been forced to recalibrate their predictions. Savvy veterans are welcoming their youthful successors with appreciative celebration. The professional sports industry seems to embrace the seasonality of teams more effectively than other business sectors. Perhaps we should take a lesson.

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Dancing with Strangers

Engaging with unknown partners poses risks. Without the context of a track record, it’s hard to predict the direction collaboration might take. A cocktail of trust, courage, and adventure must be consumed before dancing with a stranger.

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Recruiting for Resilience

When the leadership team completed the assessment of their culture, they reached the conclusion that the most effective teammates were the ones most aligned with the energy of change. Conversely, those who struggled with change seemed to be directing their efforts toward resistance rather than their job tasks. They created drag on otherwise promising aerodynamics.

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It’s Easier Not To

Someone said or did something that hurt your feelings. Should you say something? It’s easier not to. Your most trusted teammate wasn’t listening when you took the risk to expose your emotions. Do you let him know it made you feel like a low priority? It’s easier not to.

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Teamwork Actualized: The New Team Clock Website

The crew that initially gathered around the table to design the new teamclock.com website was an unusual assortment of complementary talents. The team of creative minds combined a web designer, a marketing expert, a graphic artist, a social media guru and a business strategist. Divergent strengths and competing perspectives provided the fuel for innovation.

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