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60 Seconds on the Team Clock provides individuals with the direction needed to clarify the purpose, launch innovation, and promote collaboration and effectiveness within teams. Select from the menu of topics and discover a new perspective on your team’s journey in just 60 seconds.

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Become a Connector

Connectors know everyone. They’re not simply collectors of people. They join people with others. They promote their networks by sharing them generously. In a positive spiral of teaming, requests lead to introductions which, in turn, ignite collaborations that eventually prompt referrals. The cycle continues as connectors expand the base of pooled talent. Consider three strategies for growing your network:

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10 Pillars of Organizational Excellence

Collaborating fuels energy in most top workplaces. Effective teamwork is only a small part of what makes organizations excellent. Employers-of-choice make a sustained investment the health and wellness of the internal culture so that top talent seeks entry and stays forever. Take a moment to name the strengths and gaps in your organization as you consider these 10 pillars of organizational excellence:

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The 3 Sources of Poise

Is it nature or nurture? Poise during the final seconds of an expiring clock in a sports contest often separates winners from losers. Hitting the high note in a solo during an orchestra performance in front of a packed house frequently distinguishes the virtuoso musician from the unprofessional. Making the tough decision at the head of the leadership table usually differentiates the effective chief executive from the ineffective figurehead. Are these leaders born with such composure under pressure or are these learned behaviors? A little of both is the likely answer. So, assuming the gift of nature – the lucky wiring handed down from generations of genetics – is part of the package, where does the nurture – the learned ability to remain graceful when it counts most – come from? Let’s look at the three most likely sources.

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Eight Simple Questions

The holiday season brings time for reflection. Why squeeze your resolutions into the first week of January? Each day of the year offers a chance to grow. Consider more frequent assessment and reassessment of your direction. What questions might you ask?

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Workplace Bullies and Their Cost

Although the 20% “actively disengaged” statistic may not apply to your workplace, chances are you have dysfunctional elements lurking on your team. Most organizations do. It is the nature of being human that negative attitudes, broken personalities, and poor coping skills creep from families into the job site. Usually, it’s subtle and insidious. Businesses are being robbed.

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