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5 Steps to Mending Divided Teams

Leadership transitions stir anxiety in the workforce. Often, it’s not disagreement with strategic philosophy that makes teams uneasy, but the simple fear of change. Even when the organization isn’t healthy, it’s easier to normalize the pain than it is to brace for transformation. A typical coping maneuver is to create factions within the team. Choose your side by the way you expend energy – adapting to new circumstances or trumpeting how horrible it is that we’re not who we used to be.

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The Science of Finding Your Next Team

It’s time for a change. The leadership team hasn’t yet recognized your decision to leave the organization. They’re unwittingly funding your job hunt. Perhaps it was the lack of investment in your growth or maybe the misalignment with your values that triggered your readiness. It no longer matters why you’ve decided to leave. Your focus has shifted to the next opportunity.

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The Most Engaged Person in the Room

Classroom teachers can spot them in an instant. The most engaged person in the room sends off energy that elevates the entire group. Beyond standard eye contact and nods of understanding, this teammate absorbs his or her environment. Connections are forged physically, emotionally, and intellectually. What might you do if you wanted to deliver engagement at this level?

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The Gift of Team Clock

This is the time of year when businesses are looking for creative ways to thank their most loyal clients for their patronage. While a fruit basket aptly sends a message of gratitude, it falls short of communicating an investment in continued partnership. A few imaginative companies have taken a less conventional path to say thanks. Might this approach fit your customer relations strategy?

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A Year in Review: Borrowing the Wisdom of Your Peers

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you’re surrounded by organizations who have solved the excellence challenge. Top workplace publications are packed with examples of strategy that anchors recruitment and retention, promotes employee engagement, supports creativity, and embraces change. There is no shame in borrowing from the best practices of your peers. Below are a few highlights showcasing some of the original approaches we’ve observed over the past year.

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